AAA College of Engineering and Technology got its Centre of Excellence for Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner(CP)course and it’s Certifications… that’s really a milestone towards a pathway to success.

One of the Prestigious platform for Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Architecture, Deployment and Service Models.

In addition to validating your technical skills, AWS Certification gives you tangible benefits to help you showcase your achievement and further advance your AWS expertise.

1) AWS Certified Global Community
Gain access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community.

2) Event Recognition
Receive invites to regional Appreciation Receptions and get access to AWS Certification lounges at AWS re:Invent and select AWS Summit events.

3) Official AWS Certified Logo Usage
Share your achievement with our updated AWS certified logo

4) Digital Badges
Leverage digital badges to validate your AWS Certified status with your colleagues and employers.

5) Free Practice Exams
Prepare for your next AWS Certification with a practice exam voucher.

6) AWS Certified Store
Unlock access to AWS Certified Merchandise. You’ll gain access to more products with the more certifications you earn.

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