CAD/CAM Laboratory

The CAD/CAM laboratory provides the computer knowledge on design and the skills on designing software. The students can draft the model in both 2D and 3D objects and analysis of the parts can be carried out. The software like AUTOCAD, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, MASTERCAM, ANSYS are available for the students to practice on it. The objective of the lab is to develop the designs of various mechanical components using 2D and 3D Software. This lab is available to graduate the students in the fields of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. The basic knowledge can be used for successful accomplishment of project works. The students can make use of advanced modules in the design software for their research work. For the design part student generates NC program with different CAM software packages. Students simulate the program for validation. Also the CNC machines available in the laboratory can be utilized for advanced manufacturing research.