Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Name of the Lab Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Year of Establishment 2014
Venue Cambridge Block
Room No. 2154
Area 66 Sq.m
Faculty In-charge Mrs. K. Padmapriya,
Assistant Professor/ECE
Lab Technician Mr. janakiraman

Lab courses Handled in the Lab:

  • EC8562 – Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (III Year – V Semester)
  • EC8563 – Communication Networks Laboratory (III Year – V Semester)

The objective of the laboratory is to enable the students to simulate and experiment with digital signals and systems. Digital signal processing laboratory helps the students to learn, analyses and design the techniques that give core knowledge. This Lab is concerned with the representation of signals as a sequence of numbers and the operations carried out on the signals to extract specific information contained in them. Students can implement digital signal processing algorithms using different computational platforms and DSP tools which enhance the practical exposures in signal processing.

The laboratory has both software tools and DSP processors. The laboratory has 15 user Licensed MATLAB software, with various Tool boxes and Simulink. Students simulate here number of experiments in MATLAB. Students also use Texas Instruments fixed-point and floating point Digital Signal Processor. Programing of the DSP chip is done in C(and some assembly) language using the Code Composer Studio integrated development environment.


S. No.

Name of the Equipment



MATLAB with Simulink and Signal Processing Tool box

15 No.


Signal Generator (1 MHz)



CRO(20 MHz)

10 No.


Fixed Point DSP Processor and Floating Point DSP Processor

15 No.


Analog Discovery Kit

10 No.


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