Workshop practices have become important in the industrial environment to produce products for the service of mankind. The knowledge of manufacturing practices is highly essential for all engineers and technocrats for familiarizing themselves with modern concepts of manufacturing technologies. Workshop practices gives the basic working knowledge required for the production of various engineering products. It explains the construction, function, use and application of different working tools, equipment, machines, as well as the technique of manufacturing a product from its raw material. Considering the general needs of engineering students in the country and the fact that they hardly get any exposure to hand tools, equipment’s, machines and manufacturing setups, a basic course in manufacturing science remains a core subject for all the branches of engineering. The contents include exposure to bench work and fitting, smithy and forging, sheet metal work, wood and wood working, casting, welding and machine shop practices.


Manufacturing processes are used for converting raw materials into finished products. Various processes, machinery, and operations will be examined with emphasis placed on understanding engineering materials and processing parameters that influence design considerations, product quality, and production costs. The objective of this laboratory is to study and practice the various machining operations like Taper Turning, External Thread cutting, Internal Thread Cutting, Eccentric Turning & Knurling in lathe, and to equip with the practical knowledge required in the core industries. The work benches are built with safety and the shop is large enough to carry out the machining and manufacturing processes comfortably. The exercises will help the students to produce components as per the given drawing using lathe machine, also to develop the basic machine ability concepts and improve the teamwork and entrepreneurial skills.