The main objective of this Heat Transfer lab is to impart practical knowledge on heat transfer, mass transfer in engineering systems. In this lab the students will do the experiments related to their subjects like thermodynamics, thermal engineering, heat and mass transfer concepts. This lab provides a facility to conduct the experiments on a wide range of problems involving thermal conductivity of the specimen by two slab guarded hot plate method using Guarded plate apparatus, rate of heat transfer through different layers of composite wall, the heat transfer coefficient under natural convection environment using Natural convection-vertical cylinder apparatus, the heat transfer coefficient under forced convection environment using Forced convection inside tube apparatus, Stefan-Boltzman constant using Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus, overall heat transfer co-efficient in parallel flow and counter flow using Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger apparatus.  Thermal conductivity of different insulating materials using LAGGED PIPE apparatus, determination of temperature distribution of a PIN-FIN for forced convection and FIN efficiency using  Pin-fin apparatus, measure the emissivity of the test plate surface using Emissivity measurement apparatus are some of the experiments related to heat transfer. Through this lab, students will get practical exposure and methods to capable of bringing solutions to practical and industrial problems.