IC engines are widely used in automobile, domestic and industrial sector. They are classified according to cycle, number of cylinders, arrangement of cylinders, fuel used, type of ignition, valve arrangement, cooling system. Test rigs are used to find out the performance of an IC engine. Computerized test engine is available to carry out the performance test of the engine. It consists of an IC Engine, dynamometer, fuel measuring, air intake measuring and various other arrangements. Provision for morse test is available as students exercise.  The experiments performed by the students are performance studies of both C.I. and S.I. engines. Moreover they will study the exhaust gas characteristics, the calorific values, extensive studies of petrol/diesel with C.I & S.I engines. students are encouraged to do the Research and Development project works in Internal Combustion engine laboratory. Laboratory work on engine testing is intended to bring students into contact with running engines, allowing the student to learn the basic procedures of engine testing and to verify, measure, and interpret engine performance and how this performance changes when the test conditions change.