The Mechatronics Lab provides state of the art facilities and experimental setups to learn and enjoy the field of mechatronics. Modern society depends on mechatronic-based systems for modern conveniences. From intelligent appliances and features in s such as Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechatronic systems are widely used in day today life. The objective of this Lab is to provide skills and knowledge to be design, construction, and analysis of mechatronic systems. Modern society and industries depends on mechatronic based systems such as Hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC and other electrical and Electronics systems. The Mechatronics laboratory experimental setups to learn about Stepper motor interface, Traffic light interface, Speed control of DC motor, Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Transducers, Actuators, PLC & Its applications, Principles and modeling of control systems and programming. Upon completion of this course, the students can able to design mechatronics system with the help of Microprocessor, PLC and other electrical and Electronics Circuits.