The main objective of the Optical& Microwave lab facility is to provide depth knowledge about the Microwave and Optical components and in analyzing the microwave and Optical equipments. The laboratory exercises are designed to give students ability to design, build, and analyze the components. The first half of the course uses Microwave bench setup. The second half of the course uses Optical bench setup. Laboratory assignments progress from investigation of the properties of basic microwave and optical components.

The microwave laboratory is equipped with X band bench setups which provide the necessary support for training the students in the area of RF and Microwave engineering. This lab has recently equipped with horn antenna pattern measurement setup which provides the necessary exposure for analyzing the radiation pattern of an antenna.

The Optical laboratory is well equipped with advanced Optical fiber trainer kits which help the students to analyze the numerical aperture and attenuation measurements and also to measure the analog and digital transmission characteristics. The LED and LASER diode units in the Optical lab are used to measure the Source and Detector characteristics.

List of Equipment

  1. Trainer kit for carrying out LED and PIN diode characteristics, Digital multi meter, optical power meter.
  2. Trainer kit for determining the mode characteristics, losses in optical fiber.
  3. Trainer kit for analyzing Analog and Digital link performance, 2 Mbps PRBS Data source, 10 MHz signal generator, 20 MHz Digital storage Oscilloscope.
  4. Kit for measuring Numerical aperture and Attenuation of fiber.
  5. MM/SM Glass and plastic fiber patch chords with ST/SC/E2000 connectors.
  6. LEDs with ST / SC / E2000 receptacles – 650 / 850 nm.
  7. PiN PDs with ST / SC / E2000 receptacles – 650 / 850 nm.
  8. Microwave test Bench at X band to determine Directional coupler characteristics.
  9. Microwave test Bench at X band and Antenna turn table to measure Radiation pattern of Horn antenna, 2 Horn antennas.
  10. Microwave test Bench at X band to determine VSWR for Isolator and Circulator, VSWR meter, Isolator, Circulator, E Plane Tee, H plane Tee.

    11. Microwave test Bench at X band, Variable attenuator, Detector and 20 MHz            Digital / Analog Oscilloscope.