Core Values of AAACET

Stipulate for Excellence

            The excellence of AAACET lies in innovative teaching methodology, novel projects,   research in diversified fields and sports activities. We mould our students to be honest, law abiding, responsible and participative citizens of our country.  We presume that faculty and students go hand in hand for the progression.

Spirit of Knowledge Sharing

            We believe in promoting and nurturing the spirit of knowledge sharing among faculty members. We strive for the prevalence of congenial atmosphere for our faculty members, which foster learning and discovery, and leeway to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge seamlessly.

Prime concern for students’ interest

            As the present trend demands the students to adapt to the rapid growth of technology, there is an urge to develop students-centric learning opportunity that assimilates varied interests and approaches to learning. We firmly believe that under the tutelage of committed, passionate and caring teachers, students can become an epicentre of their own learning and have huge potential to be creative and innovative.


            We are committed to treat people with at most grace, dignity and promote a strong sense of self worth.

Industry – Institute Partnership

            We establish a strong rapport with industries for all-round institutional progress, synergistic growth, student learning enhancement and seamless technology transfer.

Moral Values

            Our prime focus is to entrust honesty, sincerity and loyalty in all our decisions and actions.

Social Responsibility

            We build up a strong sense of social responsibility in our student with a view to address social causes, social issues and possible solutions by widening their perspective.


            It is to fortify that all the members of the college are accountable for their work in nourishing the institution, adhering to our vision and mission and uphold the lofty ideals. 

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