Computer Science and Engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science required to develop computer hardware and software. Computer Engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has planned for several avant-garde laboratories dedicated to specific core technologies.

The education-conducive and competitive atmosphere of AAA brings out the best in computer students, be it in managerial mastery or engineering expertise. The demand for software engineers keeps climbing worldwide. The Department also continually updates its laboratory facilities to provide a platform for emerging fields like Cloud Computing and so on. Fundamentals Of Computing is a syllabus prescribed to the First year Engineering students for better foundation.


  • Programming Language Lab
  • Visual Programming Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Internet Programming Lab
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • System Software Lab
  • Multimedia Lab 
  • Mobile Computing Lab
  • Case Tools Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab

The CSE department has a fully equipped Internet Lab powered by BSNL of 10Mbps that helps the students to develop their knowledge and market themselves in this competitive world


  • To be the renowned computer science and engineering department that imparts quality computer science and engineering education and be a center of research to fulfill the emerging needs of the society and industry.


  • To create competent computer science and engineering professionals by facilitating with state-of-the-art learning environment.
  • To impart quality education on emerging technologies in the field of computer science and engineering through knowledge dissemination and research for the betterment of the society and industry.
  • To inculcate problem solving skills, leadership qualities, creative thinking, team spirit and ethical responsibilities for becoming as multifaceted professionals.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. Basic Engineering Knowledge: Graduates will apply the fundamentals of mathematics, computer science and engineering knowledge to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to database, operating system, data structures, algorithms and networking for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying complexity.
  2. Managerial & Application Skills: Graduates will apply appropriate techniques and modern engineering hardware and software tools for the design and integration of computer system and related technologies for the advancement of technology and its implementation in multi-disciplinary environments.
  3. Research Skill : Graduates will apply the domain knowledge to provide optimized solutions by research and innovations in emerging fields of computer science and engineering leading to successful professional careers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Preparation : Graduates will be inculcated with relevant technical knowledge and software skills in the field of computer science and engineering that facilitates them to get  employment in industries/pursue  higher studies/become an entrepreneur.
  2. Core Competence : Graduates will possess fundamental knowledge in data structures, algorithms,  programming languages, database, networks and software engineering to comprehend, analyse, design and develop software solutions.  
  3. Breadth : Graduates will apply their in-depth knowledge acquired in the field of computer science and engineering to develop simple and user friendly solutions addressing the digital requirements for the efficient functioning of the modern society and industry.
  4. Professionalism : Graduates will function as computer engineering professionals displaying effective communication and managerial skills, ethical values and leadership and entrupreneurial qualities with ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context applying latest advances in computer science technology.
  5. Life Long Learning : Graduates will be receptive to emerging technologies and attain professional competence through lifelong learning by obtaining advanced degrees, membership in professional bodies, research publications and continuous  involvement in professional activities.
S.No. Non – Teaching Staff Name Qualification Designation
Mr. S. Arockiaraj B.C.A., System Administrator
Mr. G. GaneshKumar D.C.T., Lab Technician
Mr. M. Sasi Kumar D.C.S.E., Lab Technician
Mr. M. Suthakar B.C.A., Lab Technician

To effectuate the demands of the industry, we impart practical training to our students through Value Added Courses in their course fields.

  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner
  • SalesForce ADX – 201
  • Java Programming
  • Internet of Things
  • Graphics Designing and Multimedia
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data
  • Website Development

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