e-Yantra Robotics Lab


e-Yantra is a project initiated by IIT-Bombay sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Department under National Mission of Education through Information and Communication Technology to promote robotics technology in India. e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) was virtually inaugurated by IIT Bombay on 29-07-2016.

The primary objectives of the e-yantra robotics lab are to

  1. Create awareness amongst the students about the recent technology trends in the field of embedded systems and robotics technology.
  2. To provide a platform to conduct advanced fundamental and applied research in the design, development and programming the robots for various applications
  3. To provide solutions to solve real life problems by the use of robots..
  4. To encourage the students to participate in national and international robotics competitions.

e-Yantra will provide encouragement to the students to come up with new ideas and also to get exposed to the current technologies in the field of Robotics to make them industry ready and increasing their employability.

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e-Yantra Achievements

TEAM #5048

Vishnu K
Vishnu K
Venkatesh Praveen R
Ajay Vishaal T
Ajay Vishaal T
Nandha Kumar G
Nandha Kumar G

AAACETians successfully competed eYantra Robotic Competition (eYRC 2019 – 20) Organized by E-Yantra,  IIT Bombay and Ranked within Top 20 teams among 750 Teams from all over India under the theme “ Rapid Rescuer ”

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