A youth empowerment program is an initiative designed to provide young people with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to develop their potential and contribute positively to society. These programs typically focus on building young people’s skills, confidence, and agency through education, training, mentorship, and other forms of support.

The Center of Excellence was opened at our college on —– through the Atos Syntel Prayas Foundation. Atos Syntel Prayas Foundation recognizes job opportunities available for the youth in the IT/ITES, BPO, logistics, e-commerce, retail, and banking industries and has initiated the skilling of final-year students from rural and low-income family backgrounds. This effort aims to help them create a solid foundation for building their socio-economic levels. The objective is to skill the youth and prepare them to become deployable resources.

Our college has a partnership with ICT Academy to skill youth through youth empowerment programs (YEPs) that help students build better career prospects. As part of this initiative, a “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst” certification course was organized by AAA College of Engineering and Technology in association with ICT Academy as part of the Youth Empowerment Program powered by Atos Syntel Prayas Foundation. Through this program, 50 final-year students were able to benefit and receive certification. Moving forward, many more youth empowerment programs will be conducted to facilitate employment opportunities for students. Under YEP, many CSR initiatives will be conducted in the future.

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