Transport Facilities

  1. The College has adequate air-conditioned buses which are made available to the students and the faculty members for commuting from Madurai, Thirumangalam, Virudhuagar, Aruppukottai, Kovilpatti, Sattur, Sivakasi, Muhavoor, Thalavaipuram, Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, Sathirapatti, T. Kaluppatti, Peraiyur, Athippatti, Kariapatti, Yaelayirampannai, Chinnayapuram etc  to the campus and back.  
  2. All the buses reach the Campus before 9 a.m., so that all the students and faculty can get ready to attend the classes by 9.10a.m.
  3. The buses leave the campus at 4.30 p.m., which helps all the students to reach home early and safely.
  4. For the benefit of those students who are attending special classes, using Internet facility, Library etc., special buses are arranged everyday which leave the campus by 6.30 p.m. to Virudhunagar and Sivakasi.
  5. 12 buses are available for the transport of day-scholar students and faculty members.
  6. Our buses are operated nearly 70 kms. from the college every day.
  7. Utilization  of college buses will be optional but it gives comfort travel for the students.
  8. Safety of the staff and students will be taken care of by the trained and experienced Drivers.  Drivers are strictly informed and trained to avoid rash driving.
Bus Route

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